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Digital Publishing 101: Reaching and Engaging Audiences (RCR; In person)

Who are the intended users of your digital publication? How can you reach new audiences and keep your existing audiences actively engaged? What are the benefits of making your publication openly available? At this workshop we'll present some of the ways successful projects connect with their users and promote their work to potential audiences. We’ll also discuss how to effectively and appropriately involve and credit others in one’s research. You'll leave this session with a solid grounding in the ethical and logistical dimensions of engaging audiences and incorporating audience involvement into your own publication practices.

Format: In person. This two-hour, in-person workshop is meant to promote and engage active discussion around your specific digital publishing concerns. Attendance is capped at 15 students, and participants will be asked to share their specific interests and needs ahead of time, to help ensure that presentation examples and discussion points are sufficiently relevant.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn about the ethical and logistical dimensions of engaging audiences and incorporating audience involvement into their own publication practices. Specifically, they will

■    Identify how a target audience can influence digital publishing decisions.
■    List aspects that influence the discoverability of digital publications.
■    Articulate the value of audience engagement for a digital publication.
■    Recognize what work is required in order to support audience engagement.   
■    Appreciate the ethical and legal imperatives for crediting contributors.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022
9:00am - 11:00am
Bostock 121 (Murthy Digital Studio)
West Campus
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This session is part of a series of workshops on digital publishing offered by Duke Libraries’ Digital Scholarship & Publishing Services department. Graduate students may earn 2 RCR credits for this session.

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Liz Milewicz

Director, ScholarWorks: A Center for Scholarly Publishing at Duke University Libraries; and Head, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Services at Duke University Libraries

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