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Assignment Tableau: Intro to Tableau work-together

[Online] Work together over Zoom on an Intro to Tableau assignment. Attendees are expected to watch my Intro to Tableau Spring 2022 video first, or have some experience with Tableau. This will be an opportunity to work together on the assignment from the end of that workshop, plus have questions answered live.

Tableau Public (available for both Windows and Mac) is incredibly useful free software that allows individuals to quickly and easily explore their data with a wide variety of visual representations, as well as create interactive web-based visualization dashboards. My video from Spring 2022 focused on using Tableau Public to create data visualizations, starting with an overview of how the program thinks about data, common data manipulation and loading, and the terminology used. Activities included a sample data visualization and mapping project, for hands-on experience using Tableau’s basic chart types and dashboard creation tools. I also discussed publishing to the Tableau Public web server and related services and tools, like the full Tableau Desktop application (free for full-time students). Watch that video before coming to this work session if you're not familiar with Tableau!

This work time is designed to give you a chance to try to use Tableau Public or Desktop for data exploration and visualization, along with others at a similar introductory level, and in an environment where I can answer questions live.

  • You will be expected to have your video on for most of the session, and to potentially share your screen during part of the work time.
  • You will be expected to arrive with Tableau Desktop or Public 2022 already installed on the machine you're Zooming from.
    • I will hold open Zoom walk-in hours for an hour before the workshop to help remotely troubleshoot installation issues. Email me at emonson@duke.edu to get the URL.
    • If you're applying for a free student license for Tableau Desktop, be sure to do that a week before the session, since it often takes a few days for Tableau to verify your student status and send you the license

A zoom link will be sent via email to registered participants to join the workshop.

The content of the workshop may be recorded. If you are uncomfortable with a recording being published please contact the instructor at anytime prior to the conclusion of the workshop.

Data Visualization

Tuesday, September 27, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am
Data and Visualization  
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Eric Monson
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