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Open Educational Resources (OER): A workshop on Copyright and Ethical Considerations of OER in the Humanities

Open Educational Resources (OER) are openly licensed educational materials, provided at no cost to the user. OER materials range in size from single files (text, image, video or audio clip), to Open Access Textbooks (OAT), and complete online courses.

OER present accepted knowledge, enhanced with pedagogical design for use in teaching, learning, and public outreach. OER provide benefits for teachers and students. Teachers save time in lesson design, and they find opportunities to collaborate with other educators at many types of institutions, and students benefit economically because OER can replace expensive textbooks. OER can be retained, reused, revised, remixed, redistributed, and they allow teachers to update and diversify assigned materials in a time sensitive manner.

This workshop will focus on key challenges in finding and using OER:

  • What is the difference between OER and Open Access Publishing, Open Data, and Public Domain Materials?
  • Expert search: how do you find OER efficiently?
  • How do you interpret the license of an OER?
  • How do you evaluate an OER?
  • How do you cite OER?
  • What resources do Duke University Libraries offer for planning OER Projects?


Arnetta C Girardeau
Arnetta is the Copyright & Information Policy Consultant at Duke University Libraries

Heidi Madden
Heidi is the Librarian for Western European and Medieval Renaissance Studies. She develops collections of materials from and about Europe, and provides research services and library instruction.

Haley Walton
Haley works with the Duke community to support scholarly communications, open access to research, and measuring research impact.

Friday, October 23, 2020
2:00pm - 4:00pm
RCR Workshop   Scholarly Communications  
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Heidi Madden
Haley Walton