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Introduction to R: the data science Tidyverse

Part of the Rfun learning series

A gentle introduction to R and the Tidyverse.  This suite of data savvy tools and techniques enable flexible reporting via literate programing as a means to achieve reproducible and transparent analysis.  

The workshop begins with a measured and deliberate orientation to the RStudio interface.  Participants will import data (readr).  We continue with a step-by-step approach to transform and wrangle data (dplyr).  Finally, we introduce basic exploratory data analysis (EDA.)  Participants can expect explanation, demonstration and code examples along with hands-on learning.

This workshop is part of the Rfun learning series: "R We Having Fun Yet‽". Learn more at https://rfun.library.duke.edu/

NOTE:  Bring your laptop.  The Edge Workshop Room does not provide computers.

NOTE 2:  If you need help configuring your laptop for this workshop, come to the DVS Walk-In Hours before the workshop:  Wednesdays between 1-3pm.  (Floor Map for Bostock Library > 1st Floor > Brandaleone Lab for Data and Visualization Services.)

The content of the workshop may be recorded. Cameras will capture the instructor station and the display screen. Ambient audio, including verbal audience  participation, will be included on the recording. Registration for the workshop indicates consent. If you are uncomfortable with a recording being published please contact the instructor at anytime prior to the conclusion of the workshop.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020
10:00am - 12:00pm
Bostock 127 (The Edge Workshop Room)
West Campus
Data and Visualization  
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