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Promoting Skillful Learning: Addressing context, barriers, and challenges

1.    Practice generating feedback to sample student responses from metacognitive activities using the A-ACE feedback framework.
2.    Adapt feedback and expectations for student metacognitive growth based on their current stage of behavioral change.

When we engage students in their metacognitive development, we will have to give them feedback to aid their growth. Such feedback can be hard for students to hear and accept. Giving good feedback that is both sensitive to students and constructively promotes growth can also be hard to generate.  In this face-to-face workshop session participants will practice assessing sample student responses to prompts about their metacognitive awareness and behaviors. Then participants will practice generating positive and constructive formative feedback based on the A-ACE  (Acknowledge-Affirm-Challenge-Encourage) feedback framework. We will also introduce a stage model of behavior change and use it to adapt feedback based on a students’ stage of change. Significant time will also be devoted to engaging participants in discussing and formulating strategies to deal with other barriers and challenges specific to their contexts. 

Workshop Leaders: 

Dr. Patrick Cunningham, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Dr. Holly M. Matusovich, Associate Professor of Engineering Education
Virginia Tech

Dr. Rachel McCord, Lecturer and Research Assistant Professor in the Engineering Fundamentals Program,
University of Tennessee

This workshop will take place in Teer 203. Continental breakfast will be provided. 

For more information about this workshop series, please contact Dr. Stacy Tantum or Dr. Rebecca Simmons

This workshop is sponsored by the Pratt School of Engineering, Office of the Dean.

This workshop is third in a series of three sessions; although each of the sessions can be attended individually, we encourage you to register for Session 1 Promoting Skillful Learning: What is metacognition and where to start with students? (Dec 9) and Session 2 Promoting Skillful Learning: Designing Activities for Metacognitive Growth (January 6) as well.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020
9:00am - 11:30am
Other (see event description)
West Campus
Teaching and Learning  
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