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Project Management for Academics (RCR - GS712.26)

The skills of project management are valuable skills for academics at any stage in their career and for a range of activities. This workshop will present basic principles for managing goals, resources, time, and people, with a particular focus on how these can be applied to work with project teams. Activities and discussions, grounded in real-life scenarios, will enable participants to begin formulating their own strategies for project management and help them build a toolkit of ideas and approaches that they can use in their academic life.

This workshop is provided for students waitlisted for the Monday, Oct 7, RCR workshop on project management. If you are interested in this topics and there are no available seats, please contact the instructor to inquire about future workshops. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm
Perkins 218
West Campus
Digital Scholarship   ScholarWorks  
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Liz Milewicz

Director, ScholarWorks: A Center for Scholarly Publishing at Duke University Libraries; and Head, Digital Scholarship & Publishing Services at Duke University Libraries

Contact me for questions related to planning and managing projects (askdigital@duke.edu).