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Neural Network Basics

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+DataScience (+DS) is a new initiative at Duke providing online training modules and in-person learning experiences to help people in all disciplines in the Duke community learn more about Data Science. Before registering for any of the in-person workshops, you should complete one or more of the four pre-requisite online modules

The basic concepts of neural networks are introduced, with a focus on intuition. The simpler and widely used logistic regression model is introduced first, and from this the neural network is introduced as a generalization. Multilayered neural networks are introduced, yielding deep learning and its applications. From this session, participants will be introduced to what a neural network is, and how it may be used in practice.

Instructor: David Carlson

Prerequisite Module(s): Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning

Register: https://training.oit.duke.edu/enroll/common/show/21/172633

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Bostock 127 (The Edge Workshop Room)
West Campus
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