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GS717.15: Applying a Project Management Mindset to your Academic Life (RCR; Online)

The skills of project management are valuable skills for academics at any stage in their career and for a range of activities. This workshop, appealing to graduate students across disciplines, provides a gentle introduction and overview to key principles and concepts in project management and how they can be applied effectively and ethically in academic work. Activities and discussions will enable participants to begin formulating their own strategies for project management and help them build a toolkit of ideas and approaches that they can use in their academic life.

Format: ONLINE (Zoom). This two-hour, virtual workshop will engage discussion around students’ specific project management concerns and offer strategies for applying concepts to one’s own academic work. You must register through Zoom in order to attend this workshop.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will understand how project management principles can be applied to academic work; appreciate the value of project planning (especially communication) for managing their academic work; and learn strategies for defining & managing academic projects. Specifically, they will:

  • Recognize how time, resources, and goals interact to form and influence the project scope.
  • Identify factors to consider when managing time spent on projects.
  • Appreciate the role of communication in managing project resources (e.g., people and time).
  • Identify different forms and purposes of communication, especially considerations for digital communication, for ensuring positive project outcomes, navigating mentor/advisee responsibilities, and ethically conducting collaborative research.
Monday, October 16, 2023
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Digital Scholarship   RCR Workshop   ScholarWorks  
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This session is part of a series, “Project Management for Academics,” offered by Duke Libraries’ Digital Scholarship & Publishing Services department. Duke graduate students may earn 2 RCR credits for this session.

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Liz Milewicz

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