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Flourish for Simple Network Visualizations

[Online] Flourish is an online tool for "Beautiful and easy data visualization and storytelling". There are an amazing variety of standard and unusual visualization types available, one of which is a network (node-link / graph) diagram. While Gephi is my tool of choice for complicated networks, Flourish works great for simpler networks – interactive on the web, or static in a PowerPoint slide. In this workshop I'll show you the required data format, how to import it into the tool, adjust visual properties, and export to an SVG file which can be edited in PowerPoint. This event is open to non-Duke participants. 


  • If you want to play along with the exercises during the session, it will save time for you to register for a free account on Flourish before you arrive: https://flourish.studio/
  • If you need help with something during the session, you'll be expected to share your screen.

This event is offered virtually. A zoom link will be sent via email to registered participants to join the workshop.

The content of the workshop may be recorded. If you are uncomfortable with a recording being published, please contact the instructor at anytime prior to the conclusion of the workshop.

Data Visualization

Thursday, September 21, 2023
10:00am - 11:00am
Data and Visualization  
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Eric Monson
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Center for Data and Visualization Sciences