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ScholComm on the Edge: GlassTree and GlassLeaf - publishing services for academics

ScholComm on the Edge: GlassTree and GlassLeaf - publishing services for academics

ScholComm on the Edge is a monthly discussion forum about emerging trends and technologies in scholarly communication.

For the February ScholComm on the Edge discussion, we'll be looking at some new publishing services aimed at academics: GlassTree https://glasstree.com/ and GlassLeaf https://services.glasstree.com/

These are services spun off local self-publishing company Lulu, and are trying to create a market where academic authors will self-publish, hiring companies like this to perform publishing services, but then keeping control over their works for themselves, to release them as open access or earn more money from their publications.

There's a good blog post about this from the Director of Publishing Strategy at Virginia Tech’s University Libraries:

Is There a Place for DIY in Scholarly Publishing? Lulu Says Yes (and may not be wrong)

On February 14 at 3pm, in the Edge Workshop Room, we'll be joined by Daniel Berze, Senior Vice President of Academic Publishing at GlassTree (https://glasstree.com/about/) and Kayci Wyatt, manager of publishing services at GlassLeaf. They will talk for about 15 minutes about their companies and the services they provide, and then the rest of the time will be open discussion about emerging academic publishing models, and how these might fit with the models academic libraries and academic authors are used to.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Bostock 127 (The Edge Workshop Room)
West Campus
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Paolo Mangiafico